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Dpack Successfully Participated in RosUpack 2019 Russia International Packaging Exhibition

Dpack Successfully Participated in RosUpack 2019 Russia International Packaging Exhibition

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1.After opening the market door, Dpack has deeply communicated with customers and Formed a deep friendship

At 9:00 on June 18, 2019 Moscow time, Dpack arrived at the exhibition site on time. And T. P.A. on the first day of the joint exhibition, we couldn't wait to meet with our old customers and communicate deeply.In view of the current market conditions, the two sides have had a heated discussion, after exchanging information,we all determine the future development direction. At the same time, we have some new customers who are looking for breakthroughs. After the exhibition, we paid a visit as scheduled, visited the factory, the warehouse and so on successively established the stable friendship.  


2.Technical support + Corrugated line transformation + After-sales service, the strategic policy of the new era

According to the data, in the past six years, the decline in the local currency caused corrugated manufacturers to pay a lot of extra costs,the value of the raw material has increased by 60%. Increase in fuel tariffs,manufacturing rent and transportation cost. At the same time, most customers are troubled by outdated, old equipment and high rejection rate,many customers are in urgent need of transformation.Based on this situation, our company has formulated a new strategic policy,technical support + corrugated line transformation + after-sales service.Visited many old customers factories , made corresponding plans and sketches, carried out corrugate line transformation, to improve the productivity and stability of corrugate line, and reduce the rejection rate, so that the customer is very satisfied with us.

3.Establish a strategic partnership to achieve a win-win situation

During the exhibition, our company not only communicated with new and old customers, there have also been exchanges with many other raw material manufacturers, both of which have tried to establish a new and stable strategic cooperative relationship. such as: Plastmass Group and some paper manufacturers.To achieve a win-win situation.