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2021 Corrugated Industry Brand Hero Exhibition(live-sinocorrugated) -----Dpack Live with goods,tell the story of the corrugated hero

2021 Corrugated Industry Brand Hero Exhibition(live-sinocorrugated) -----Dpack Live with goods,tell the story of the corrugated hero

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2021 Corrugated Industry Brand Hero Exhibitionlive-sinocorrugated

-----Dpack Live with goodstell the story of the corrugated hero


At 10 o'clock on January 8, 2021, the Corrugated Brand Hero Meeting organized by Reed Exhibitions will arrive as scheduled.Dpack and more than 150 packaging industry heroes opened an online cloud exhibition in the live broadcast room,such BHSBDS, Fosber Asia,CENTURY Machinery,  Keshenglong Carton MachineryItaly RE Brakes and other industry manufacturers, a total of 10 categories of products,Such as cardboard carton processing equipment and spare parts, internal logistics conveying system, various industrial paper for carton processing, cardboard/carton processing related consumables, carton processing software/automation, plant supporting equipment, honeycomb/pulp molding equipment, testing instruments etc.


Live with goods, open a new starting point of cloud online exhibition


It is reported that a total of more than 100 exhibitors live online at the same time, 8 hours uninterrupted, and more than 70 high-quality customer factories are linkedMore than 100 sets of equipment boot show, set off a round of "with goods boom" in the broadcast room.In this special period, manufacturers used a brand-new method to meet with customer groups, directly hitting the real production status of the equipment with online live broadcast, and experiencing the performance and advantages of the equipment in a scene-based way, attracting 47,960 visitors from home and abroad. Cloud View Exhibition".




During the exhibition, Dpack fully demonstrated our products, factories, and the actual operating status of equipment in the customer's factory.With the theme of "How to reduce the waste rate of corrugated board production line", Dpack explores the factory workshop, connects the customer site, and shares classic cases.Finally, at the round table meeting, we answered questions about how to reduce the scrap rate in the production process for customers. At the same time, we also released new products and new colors

The complete success of this exhibition is inseparable from the support of Reed Exhibitions. Thanks to the staff for their help and the audience's cheers. Every corrugated hero is wonderful because of you!


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(This exhibition is only for domestic customers, so there is no English version, please watch as appropriate)