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2020 China Dongguang Carton Packing Machinery Export Digtal Trade Fair Grand Opening

2020 China Dongguang Carton Packing Machinery Export Digtal Trade Fair Grand Opening

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2020 China Dongguang Carton Packing Machinery Export Digtal Trade Fair Grand Opening


November 26, 2020 at 15:00 pm,China Dongguang Carton Packing Machinery Export Digtal Trade Fair opened on the GTW platform and offline at the same time.



With the support of Cangzhou city and Dongguang County people's government, the online exhibition is huge in scale,Under the leadership of various packaging associations and exhibition groups, 114 manufacturers have been organized to provide new business opportunities for domestic and foreign customers.Involving the Middle East (Iran, Egypt, etc.), North Africa (Algeria, etc.), Southeast Asia (India, Indonesia, etc.) multiple regions and continents around the world,attract more than 100,000 buyers and purchasers from all over the world to register and watch on the GTW platform.


Dpack took a two-pronged approach, participating in the opening ceremony and exhibition at the same time online and offline, and also conducted timely and effective connection and communication with customers in the ZOOM meeting chat room.



Under the speeches of the Party Secretary of Dongguang County, the deputy mayor of Cangzhou People's Government, and the director of Cangzhou Bureau of Commerce,The opening ceremony was accompanied by a grand opening with applause. At the same time, the organizers connected overseas support units: India-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Egyptian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Kenya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc., to provide strong support for the exhibition.





Advantages of GTW digital exhibition platform:


Through the real-time display of GTW cloud control center information, on November 26, 114 factories have been registered in this online digital exhibition, 667 products uploaded, 449 product videos, meeting matching and marketing accuracy rate reached 25%, and transaction amount Has exceeded 6,000,000 US dollars.

Through this exhibition, Dpack company not only showcased its highlight products, but also radiated the promotion effect from China (Beijing, Tianjin) to all parts of the world.

We wish all merchants of this conference a complete success, and all buyers and purchasers can purchase their favorite machinery and equipment!


(Note: After the end of this exhibition on November 30th, there will be a half-year exhibition. Welcome new and old customers to visit!)

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