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2020 South China International Corrugated Exhibition Dpack Came To a Successful Conclusion

2020 South China International Corrugated Exhibition Dpack Came To a Successful Conclusion

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China International Corrugated Exhibition

2020 South China International Corrugated Exhibition Dpack Came To a Successful Conclusion


At the moment of the epidemic, we are united.

On the morning of July 22, 2020, Dpack arrived as expected,Since the global outbreak of the COVID-19, this is Dpack’s first appearance at a major global offline exhibition this year.Dpack and Shanghai Jingyinze jointly participated in the exhibition,together with nearly 400 domestic enterprises, we sounded the clarion call for forge ahead after the "epidemic", joined in the grand event, and compose a good story.

Whether it is the elaborate arrangement overnight before the exhibition, or the epidemic prevention before the opening.We not only successfully completed the exhibition arrangement, but also made the pre-exhibition preparations safely under the call of the country and the exhibitors.

What China has done tells the world that with the current epidemic, we are united as one. Come on, China and the world. The epidemic will surely become history.






In view of the particularity of this exhibition, overseas visitors cannot be present.The general manager of Dpack's marketing department and the team formulated a strategic plan to deal with overseas audiences, namely: expanding online promotion, using a combination of online and offline marketing methods, and participating in provincial-level online before the exhibition Business training activities,It achieves the effect that the audience is still on the scene even if the overseas audience is not present,At the same time, it provides a variety of special targeted solutions for customers to refer to and choose, and real-time translation with other small language types (such as Russian, Spanish, etc.), so that new and old overseas customers can get the satisfaction of not attending the exhibition.



In progress

Although overseas audiences can only watch the live broadcast through mobile video, social software such as Facebook, Twitter and online platforms watch the exhibition.But the domestic customers are also in an endless stream.Under the premise of diversified development, the sales manager provided a variety of smart packing corrugated cardboard production solutions, which solved the troubles and problems for many customers.At the exhibition, there are also some new customers who want to buy production lines.We also came up with the "Project Evaluation of the Feasibility of Corrugated Board Production Line" "Business Plan for the Recyclability of Corrugated Board Production Line" and other programs,After the exhibition, he visited the customer's plant and discussed the technical issues and project feasibility plan with the customer.




   Dpack wishes all companies in the packaging industry a prosperous business and all the best! At the same time, we also wish foreign audiences and entrepreneurs good health and an early victory over the epidemic. China will join hands with the world to fight the epidemic and create a better tomorrow!

   See you at 2021 Shanghai International Corrugated Exhibition!