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European and American paper and packaging investment risks in China

European and American paper and packaging investment risks in China

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European and American paper and packaging products industry insiders generally view the investment in the Chinese market is: in China to engage in investment activities and expand the scale of development to be cautious. Must pay attention to China's domestic business model. In view of the above point of view. In November 2005, PricewaterhouseCoopers's research paper titled "China's Paper and Packaging Market" was published in a paper and packaging company that wants to enter the Chinese market and want to expand its investment in the China market Detailed and thorough assessment of risk and return on investment This study includes a detailed analysis of the economic conditions, policies and cultural environment of the paper packaging industry in China - all of which are hidden behind the apparent economic growth.
    Robe Bamden, head of PricewaterhouseCoopers' global forest, paper and packaging division, said: "There are plenty of opportunities in the Chinese market, though. But there are also many enterprises suffered a lot of Chinese market. Foreign paper and packaging products companies should critically evaluate risk and return on investment. To promote China's paper and packaging products as the core goal, we must carefully plan; increase revenue. Get more and more stable profits. Inadequate understanding of the state of the industry, inexperienced businesses. To enter the Chinese market will encounter a large number of unforeseen obstacles and problems. The company is located in:
    China is now the second largest paper and packaging market in the world. Annual sales of 200 billion US dollars. Industry insiders estimate that by 2010, China's paper consumption will increase by 30% to 70 million tons per annum. The growth in the packaging area will also see the same growth, from 32 billion tons in 2004 to 50 million tons in 2008. The industry will be a strong driver of economic growth. In various ways to meet the needs of the paper and packaging areas, but at the same time require a lot of foreign investment to achieve this goal.
    Alison Wong, PwC's forest paper and packaging leader, said: "Companies entering the Chinese market must also understand this multi-cultural field in depth and learn from experienced local experts"  .