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Dpack 2019 Eurasia Packaging Exhibition Tour

Dpack 2019 Eurasia Packaging Exhibition Tour

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2019 Eurasia Packaging Exhibition

  In the autumn of October, the sun is beautiful and the weather is just right,on the morning of October 21st we arrived in the port city of Istanbul, On October 21st we arrived in the port city of Istanbul, a romantic Turkish city that is also an economic and financial center. At the heart of the city, Dpack staff began to prepare for the show, all in order.    



  On October 23rd, at the 2B-235F Dpack booth, the staff had already been arranged, facing the harvest of the morning light, and the warm smile of Turkey, waiting for the customers.



  We carefully prepare snacks, drinks, and talk to customers from all over the world on corrugated packaging to explore the mysteries of the Turkish packaging market.

  During the exhibition, Mr.Ren, the marketing director of our company, became a professional instructor, giving clients detailed explanations, not only solving the knowledge problems of the production line, but also predicting the direction and development of Turkey in the next 10 years and strengthening our strategic cooperation relationship.

  It’s been a week since the end of the exhibition, but we can’t forget the beautiful Istanbul, and the welcoming Turkish-style barbecue, looking forward to next year’s meeting!